We need to talk about Joffrey’s

No really. We need to.

Not to throw any  shade at Starbucks( I heart Sbucks!) but if you are still waiting in the 45 minute line at 8:55 on Main Street USA for your caffeine fix, you need to book it over to TomorrowLand in Magic Kingdom (there is a Joffrey’s Coffee at all four parks as well) and give them ALL your money in exchange for their delicious hot (or chilled!) bean juice!

What makes Joffrey’s so different, other than the fact that it is the official coffee of Disney World and Disneyland resorts and parks?  Well, everything!

The first time I ever had Joffrey’s in the parks was actually quite recently. If we don’t stay on property, we always take the ferry boat (I’ve actually never taken the monorail!) to Magic Kingdom and there is a Joffrey’s directly before the entrance. . That being another major perk, pun intended; you can have your caffeine in hand well before the your trek to Cindy’s pad  for your obligatory castle selfie!

The Pumpkin creme brulee cold brew was the first beverage from Joffrey’s that graced my palate. I am a connoisseur of all things pumpkin and there are just as many tasty treats as there are abominations. Pumpkin flavored items and coffee can often fall into the latter category. The first thing I tasted in this just right amount of sweet, creamy, Autumn in a cup was lightly spiced (nutmeg, If I’m correct)  coffee followed by the perfect amount of natural pumpkin flavoring and a dollop of heavy cream. It is the absolute tastiest, smoothest coffee beverage my tongue has had the pleasure of tasting. Try as I might, it cannot be replicated in any other cafe or in your kitchen. Although I have come close by brewing the Pumpkin Brulee and adding heavy cream at home:)

Much like most coffee purveyors , Joffrey’s has multiple blends, seasonal beverages and a variety of syrup selections for your iced or steamed lattes. But Joffrey’s has a unique taste, and one that isn’t artificial even in regards to their flavored blends. That alone stands out when it comes to coffee, IMO. But did you know that while at WDW parks and resorts, you can make your day a little more magical by adding  a splash of Kahlua or Irish Creme to your cuppa? I personally need all the endorphins coffee provides while manipulating the crowds, and booze makes me sleepy and Dopey. But a decaf Irish latte could be the perfect way to wind down after 20,00 + steps, heat exhaustion and toddler meltdowns.

And speaking of decaf, Joffrey’s online has the biggest selection of flavored decaffeinated beans I have ever seen; forty-two different selections! For those who have Doctors orders to nix or cut back on the caffeine, this is huge! Most coffee sans caffeine comes in  so few options; typically a house blend and maybe one or two flavors. We love to make a huge pot of coffee and drink it throughout the day, so half caf is the name of the game in the Stephens house, so as we don’t start bending spoons with our minds. The fact that we can mix our favorite flavors without having to dull the taste with boring ole’ house blend is wonderful.  My personal favorite is 50% Toasted S’mores and 50% sinful delight, both available in regular and decaffeinated 😉

Some of my other favorites from Joffrey’s are:

Le Cellier- Think Casi Cielo from Starbucks, only better! This one is a dark brew, so make sure to add a splash of extra cream. Creamer pairing: Sweet Cream

Hazelnut cream- I love anything and everything with a warm, nutty flavor, so it’s no surprise that this one is a go-to. And it’s perfect if you need as extra pep in your step, as lighter to medium blends have more caffeine than dark roasts! Creamer pairing: Hazelnut, of course!

Candy Cane Lane- You won’t always want Christmas in a cup, but when you do, this lightly pepper-minty goodness is the perfect way to start your day! The hint of peppermint is just enough to make you want to stay in your jam-jams all day, but not so much that it feels as though you just brushed your teeth. I’m still drinking my french press ground of this one, all the way into January! Creamer pairing: Vanilla (not French Vanilla, it gets too sweet, IMO)

I love everything about coffee. The smell, the taste, even the sound of a fresh pot brewing while I get ready to start my day. Needless to say, one of the most exciting days of my month is when my Joffrey’s order arrives on my doorstep; it’s like Christmas morning for most people and Halloween night for me! I have my tried and true flavors,) but I always branch out and try one I’ve never tasted. With all of the seasonal and special edition java they have available, it isn’t hard to do!

It took me so long to try Joffrey’s because I incorrectly assumed it was the brand that Disney resorts serve in the property dining areas, which is a bit watery and not super flavorful. But after the debunking of that rumor, I welcomed the flavor fest of Joffrey’s to my palate and i’ve been singing its praises ever since.

All coffee is good coffee, but not all coffee is the same. Not all coffee is Joffrey’s.  Do yourself a f(l)avor and find out why Joffrey’s is the official Coffee of Disney!. Kiosks are  at all four WDW parks, Disney springs and select resorts, and at all DisneyLand California parks and select resorts. Bagged, ground coffee available online @ https://www.joffreys.com/ or in Disney Springs! Happy sipping!

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