All Star Movies Resort; a lot of Magic for a little price.

This resort may be my second favorite in Walt Disney World, and if it weren’t for the honeymoon nostalgia of the French Quarter resort, it would slide into first. Unless there can be a tie, can there be a tie..?

One of the perks of staying on Disney property is to be surrounded by the theming; the magic.  All Star Movies, while a value resort, encompases the essence of the Disney enchantment in a unique, yet simple way.

The first time we stayed at Movies, I was beyond excited to have a view of a Pongo butt outside my window! I mean, facing his front quarters  would have been cool, too. The rest of the resort didn’t disappoint, either. ASMV is Disney architecture at it’s finest!  The five themed segments you will find at All Star Movies are:

  1. 101 Dalmatians- this is the first section of ASMV I visited, so once again, the nostalgia runs deep. The Pongo and Perdita  statues, standing at over 20 ft tall, along with the hollow T.V. the pups are gathered around make for ‘grammable’ photo-ops. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be zipidy doo daing all the way through this segment singing ‘canine crunchies’ and driving your family/friends absolutely batty.
  2. Toy Story- I admit I got ‘turned around’ in the Toy Story section. But in my defense, it is technically two portions;  Woody and Buzz. But hey, that’s what pedestrian mode is for! There is so much to see in this area, it is easy to get lost in the magnificence of the architecture. Which I might add, is uncanny in comparison to the film.
  3. Herbie the love bug- the only downside is that this section is furthest away from the pool! While each division of this resort ( and most of the WDW resorts) lights up, Herbies headlights give his surroundings a breathtaking  illuminating look after dark and in the early am.
  4. The mighty ducks- I’ve no doubt I’m not the only one who doesn’t love this section of movies. But even so, it’s cute enough! It’s nice being so close to a less crowded pool (the duck pond) and in my experience, this area tends to be a little less congested in general.
  5. Fantasia- last, but certainly not least! I have never stayed in Fantasia, but I love to just walk around and take it all in. This was one of my first Disney films as a kiddo, and the sentimentality of watching sorcerer MIckey as a mesmerized tyke comes rushing back when I explore this area. Fans of the original Fantasia as well as Fantasia 2000 will be intrigued by this section.

To be quite honest, the rooms themselves are, well…nothing to write home about.  Having said that, the beds are comfy, everything is sparkling clean, and if you need or want for anything to make your stay more accommodating, Disney will not hesitate to oblige you and yours. Within reason, of course (if you have three towels and the website specified four, you probably won’t get an annual pass..)

The food court, on the other hand, is incredible! A burger is a burger is a burger, right? Wrong! This cinnamon bun bacon burger is most definitely an original.  So much so, that it is on All Star Movies ‘secret menu’. Along with the bacon mac and cheese dog and the poutine with gravy and cheese curds, this cafe has unique offerings that may come as a pleasant surprise for the cost.

While I am aware that I could have purchased a small country for the amount I have spent on Disney Vacations, All Star Movies is a great example of getting the most for your dollar(s). You can enjoy Disney property for starting at about $100  per night,, receive complimentary transportation to all Disney parks, enjoy the pools, outdoor movies, and other amenities (including sunrise yoga!). You would be hard pressed to find any ‘value’ hotel in the area for that price. Not to mention the word value has exponentially different meaning  to Disney compared to most other brands.

When it comes to staying on Disney property, you can’t go wrong! But sometimes, the price of Grand Floridian, Polynesian, and even French Quarter don’t fit into the budget. Especially if you’re an out of state Disney World fanatic. The countdown, youtube vlogger binge watching, and NADD (not at Disney depression) is so real that sometimes your unconcense books a trip before you budgeted, and you have to choose a value resort. Or maybe you just prefer a more laid back holiday. In any case,  I would recommend any of the budget friendly stays on property, but All Star Movies is a personal favorite!

Hello, beautiful readers! What should I write about next? I have so many Disney experiences that I sometimes get overwhelmed and I want to hear what you want to hear about! Get in my DMs on insta @firstwehauntedmansion, email me @, or leave me a comment, right here on my blog! I love it when you guys say hi 🙂

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