Creep-mas Craft- Snowman Jack Skellington!

Wanna-be Sandy Claws, Jack Skellington!

The universe knew what it was doing when it gifted us a film to enjoy after spooky season all throughout the holiday season… with a little help from Tim Burton, Danny Elfman and many others, that is.

As much as I love baking, and indulging in said baked goods, there are only so many treats one can eat. With that in mind, arts and crafts are a great way to let your creative side run wild while not feeling guilt for tossing uneaten cookies and cakes.

I spent way too many years without a hot glue gun – what even was life??

There are many variations of the Pumpkin King, and to be honest I had Jack Skellington/Sandy Claws ornaments in mind when I went perusing the aisles of the craft store. But this DIY snowman caught my eye and I knew I had to switch gears!

Nakey Jack :O

Most of what I used for Jack, I had in backstock – other than the cute lil’ top hat I found! Pipe cleaners are the ultimate crafting tool in my humble opinion, and there is nothing that can’t be done with them along with the aforementioned hot glue gun.

For the arms, (as well as the fingers) I simply bent white, iridescent PC and hand painted a black pinstripe with acrylic paint. It dries fast, and is pretty easy to work with!

As you will come to learn, twisting different color pipe cleaners to create dimension is a flex of mine – it can add detail and swirly twirly awesomeness to nearly any craft!

Peep that scarf and candy cane!

I was at a loss when I got home and realized that I had every item to create the perfect creep-mas craft, except white pom poms for the hands! That’s where our beloved acrylic paint comes in handy!

Note – acrylic paint does NOT dry fast on pom poms (or likely any surface where the paint can be absorbed)
Iridescent Jack is literally killing it this Christmas…

With crafting – much like baking, or any other form of creating, really, it all comes down to the details! The hand painted face is pretty straight forward: it’s the big, hollow eyes that take Jack’s expression to the next level of creepiness.

Once I warmed up snowman Jacky-Jack’s neck with his favorite Christmas scarf, I knew I wanted to deck him out with a little more holiday cheer! Hence the candy cane buttons, and the pop of colors on his top hat.

This sweet, creepy, snowman Skelly Jack was the perfect creation to kick off the holiday season, as well as creep (see what I did there?) the spooky season alive and well! There are endless possibilities down every aisle of any arts and crafts store – it’s up to you to bring on the magic!

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