Valentine’s Day Spidey Lovebug Craft!

No need to call an exterminator- the only thing these bugs spread is love:D

Some of the best ideas are in(spider)ed and I’m not afraid to admit that this sweet lil’ craft is as well! A creator by the name Midge Munster over on YouTube and Insta made a creepmas craft similar with Christmas ornaments and they were too cute not to recreate with my own spin, of course!

I had fourteen different colored pipe cleaners- but did I have pink? Of course not! Craft Store therapy it is!

This is one of the easiest most satisfying crafts I have ever done! All you need are ornaments of choice (we are going with a Valentine’s Day theme, but you could easily create this for practically any holiday!) pipe cleaners, and a hot glue gun.

It’s too late for me and my unidentifiable fingerprints, but save yourself and protect your fingys whilst getting your hot glue on!
Big spoon little spoon 🙂

Ideally, use one smaller ornament to create the head and one larger piece for the body. In this case the larger piece was not an ornament, but if it is, just trim the loop off and keep the one on the smaller piece attached.

‘Hot glue in my kitchen!!’

To create the legs, take four pipe cleaners and fold in half, twisting the top to secure them all together- creating eight leggys total! Bend a crease about midway down each leg, then one in the opposite direction about a quarter of an inch from the bottom of the cleaner.

Where the term hourglass figure comes from

Place a conservative amount of hot glue on the top part of the legs (a little goes a long way, too much will result in gunky, clumpy glue balls :O) and hold the sexy lil’ spidey bod on for about a minute.

The most intimidating of all of the stances
Such pritty must put in mouth
The itsy bitsy love bug crawls up the Valentine’s Day tree… doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

I actually made a web for one of the buggys (Lester, you know the one) but since this tree is slim, it wasn’t quite the delicate look I was going for- the same reason I didn’t add googly eyes. I like the way they look as though they are climbing up the tree. I made five and could probably have added one more without it looking too cluttered.

On January 1st, I was pretty bummed to take down our two trees that framed our entertainment center and this was just what I needed to lift my spirits from the post holiday blues. I look forward to creating a year round holiday tree with a touch of spooky for everything from my beloved Halloween to Arbor Day!

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