We don’t deserve dogs; my three favorite Disney doggos!

Anyone who has ever shared their home (and heart) with a puppers will agree; there is nothing in this entire world that is quite like the affection and heart-space-filling warmth that a dog provides. Our relationship with animals is simple yet complex at the same time. While we technically can’t communicate in the traditional sense, they always seem to know when we didn’t get that raise, got dumped by that cheating POS (to say ‘men are dogs’ is so insulting…to dogs…) or don’t have the energy to make dinner. And likewise, we know when something just isn’t right with our bffs. Funny story- There was actually a flag on my account at my last vet for brining my fur baby in for faux emergencies. As it turns out, he was Lebron-in’ it the whole time, but it’s better to be safe (and broke) than sorry, as they say. There are two things I throw my money at whilst internally screaming ‘take all my money!’ Doggy bow-ties, and Disney. It’s no secret that Walt was a dog lover. His Chow Chow, Sunnee, a gift from his beloved wife, was their ‘furst’ baby while their poodle, Lady, became their spoiled family dog! So it shouldn’t be surprising  that some of Walt’s, and the Disney company since, most dynamic characters aren’t human at all! Let’s take a look at the borkiest borkers, the cutest patootest, fuzziest wuzziest, most memorable dogs of Walt Disney pictures!

Dug- Up

While there are plenty of Disney puppers who communicate with other animals, this Golden Retriever is unique because he can actually communicate with his hooman counterparts! As creepy as Doug’s monotone voice box can be at times, that sense of ‘I know exactly what this doggy wants!’ is a little slice of heaven. What makes the aforementioned communication even better is that things like ‘I have just met you and I love you’ and the random frontal lobe interruptions of ‘squirrel!’ are precisely what we would expect from a sweet pup.  Doug never leaves his hoomans, fights off an evil intruder, and helps save Kevin’s baby. He truly embodies all that gives dogs that BFF status. A literal ‘who rescued who’ scenario.  


Bolt is debatably the cutest baby on our list. We get an emotional gut punch right off the bat when Bolt’s ‘mom’, Penny, is seen leaving him (temporarily, of course) in the trailer after filming the show in which he is the star. We can’t always be with our furry loves, but it’s still heartbreaking to see this darling, white german shepherd stare at the door, waiting for his hoomans return with those big literal puppy dog eyes. All. The. Feels. In a very Truman Show turn of events, we learn that Bolt doesn’t realize, essentially, that his whole life is a lie and greedy producers and cast are more concerned with keeping him on edge for authenticity purposes than his own well-being. But the most tear jerking scene? When wittle Bolty feels hunger for the first time. *sobs till the breaka breaka dawn*


Fries, the ultimate comfort food

I’m not crying you’re crying. Just kidding I’m ugly crying my effing eyebones out because this less than seven minute short film has made me it’s betch. This was the first time I watched this tearful delight, I had no idea what I was in for. Watch Pixar shorts, they said. It will be fun, they said. The film opens with a tiny Boston Terrier foraging for his next meal as a homeless pup on the streets of the big city. He is soon taken in by a good Samaritan and you’re all like ‘ cool, this has a happy ending’ And you wouldn’t be totally wrong in saying that. The amazing thing about this little ditty is that in six minutes and fifty-five seconds Disney Pixar manages to go through all of the everyday emotions that come with sharing your home, life (in this instance, love life) with a pet. The fact that Winston looks almost identical to my rat terrier we found helpless, starving and disease infested on the streets did not make my experience any less emotional. My furry baby still has no idea why he got all the treats (and smooches!) that night..

Puppers, doggos, fur babies, stinky muffin lovey bears. Whatever you call them, the moral of the story, so to speak,  is simple. We don’t deserve dogs. I am forever grateful for their non judgemental care, the warm snuggles they provide at night when they refuse to not be touching me, that little head tilt they do when they can’t figure out what your problem is, and their existence in general. A big shout out to Walt Disney Pictures for bringing to life the love that I, and so many others I know feel for their furry family members. And of course to the OG dreamer, inventor, and dog lover, Walt Disney himself.

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